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Rolls Royce Finance & Insurance

H.R. Owen enjoys close links with a number of reputable London finance houses. This enables us to find a payment plan that best suits your fiscal circumstances and the intended usage of your new Rolls-Royce or approved used Rolls-Royce. Most of our customers choose one of three forms of financing – Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, or Personal Contract Purchase.


Hire Purchase agreements are popular due to their simplicity. An initial deposit is followed by regular repayments, usually over a period of two, three or four years. This can be done either with cash, the equity provided in the shape of a part-exchange vehicle, or a combination of the two. The arrangement can be dissolved at any point by simply paying the remaining balance, plus any interest.

Lease Purchase policies enable you to reduce the size of repayments by deferring part of the costs to a “balloon payment” at the end of the term. Like Hire Purchase, you can choose to end the agreement at any point by paying the outstanding balance.

Personal Contract Purchase arrangements are based on the expected value of your vehicle (the “Guaranteed Minimum Future Value”) at an agreed point in the future. When that time comes, you retain the option either to trade in your car on a part-exchange deal, pay the GMFV and take ownership of the vehicle, or return the car.


Our salespeople are highly experienced in the world of vehicle finance and will be able to offer advice on the options available, and how each fits your specific needs.