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The Aston Martin-trained technicians at our body repair facility use the latest technology to remove all traces of scratches, dents and abrasions on your exterior bodywork. We are also approved to carry out structural repairs for Aston Martin, ensuring that your vehicle is repaired with your safety in mind using the correct materials and following the factory methods every time, You can be sure that your Aston Martin will always make the right impression.

Contact H.R Owen Bodytechnics to find out more about the services offered at our body repair centre.

front light of aston martin db11 volante

From removing scratches, dents and abrasions on exterior bodywork, to carrying out structural repairs on your Aston Martin, here at H.R. Owen Aston Martin we have it covered.

H.R. Owen Aston Martin offer a range of in-house detailing services to help keep your beautiful Aston Martin in stunning condition. If structural repair work is required the dealership work closely with an Aston Martin approved body repair centre, ensuring your vehicle is repaired with your safety in mind, using the correct methods and materials, stipulated by the factory.

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H.R. Owen Aston Martin also offer the following detailing packages:

  Ultimate Detail Package Ultimate Enhancement Detail Package Ultimate Correction Detail Package
Vehicle treated with citrus based cleaner and any built-up dirt and grit is gently removed
Bodywork washed safely and effectively, using a PH neutral shampoo, even if any previous protection coatings have been applied
Vehicle clayed using a special mitt or bar to remove any final bonded contaminants
Wheels cleaned using a contaminant remover which eliminates any brake dust and build-up of grime
Door sills, petrol cap, wheel arches and any other hard to reach places thoroughly cleaned
Vehicle meticulously dried with a plush drying microfibre towel
Windows cleaned using a non-streaking liquid to ensure a good clear view
Interior vacuumed, interior and exterior trims dressed
Tyres dressed with a long-lasting gel
Paintwork treated using a pre-wax oil/cleansing agent to help the adhesion of sealant or wax
Layer of high-grade carnauba wax applied, providing 3+ months protection
Please note: a sealant can be applied for longer lasting protection
Chrome and stainless steel treated and protected  
Paint measured using a paint depth gauge to identify current paint levels before machine polishing  
Paintwork treated to a 1-2 stage correction, depending on condition. This removes light swirling and give the paint more depth Correction level at least 70%    
Air vents and fascia cleaned using detailing brushes    
Leather surfaces cleaned, conditioned and protected    
Exhaust tips rejuvenated with a metal polish and grade 00 wire wool    
Paintwork treated to a 3-stage correction. This removes medium swirling, holograms and give the paint more depth Correction level at least 80%    
All bodywork is panel wiped to ensure the right correction has been achieved    
Three layers of high-grade carnauba wax is applied, which gives 3+ months protection
Please note: a sealant can be applied for longer lasting protection
Glass polished and protected with rain repellent    

Please speak with a member of our Service team for a quote or to find out more.