Detailing Paintwork

Why Paint Correction is an investment

Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle Detailing

Over time your vehicle paint will gradually deteriorate.

Numerous particles accumulate that can damage the finish of your paintwork.
Contamination such as rain, sun, tree sap, bugs, bird droppings, tar, oxidisation, brake dust, are extremely harmful to the paint finish.

Each time you wash your vehicle, micro marks will appear in your paintwork and over time these marks will gradually get worse and appear as swirls on the surface of paintwork.

These marks diffract light so you are not seeing the true depth of shine in your paintwork.

Vehicle Detailing, Paint Correction and Machine Polishing systematically applies varying grades of compound and polish. Removing all contamination from the surface of your vehicle, followed by a wax application leaving your paintwork in "as new condition". The process can also restore dull or faded paintwork back to its original state.

Microscopic layers of wax/sealant then provide a long-lasting deep shine finish protecting your paint.

Paintwork Detailing prices start from £395 inc VAT, please speak with a member of our Service team to find out more.


  Ultimate Detail Package Ultimate Enhancement Detail Package Ultimate Correction Detail Package
Vehicle treated with citrus based cleaner and any built-up dirt and grit is gently removed
Bodywork washed safely and effectively, using a PH neutral shampoo, even if any previous protection coatings have been applied
Vehicle clayed using a special mitt or bar to remove any final bonded contaminants
Wheels cleaned using a contaminant remover which eliminates any brake dust and build-up of grime
Door sills, petrol cap, wheel arches and any other hard to reach places thoroughly cleaned
Vehicle meticulously dried with a plush drying microfibre towel
Windows cleaned using a non-streaking liquid to ensure a good clear view
Interior vacuumed, interior and exterior trims dressed
Tyres dressed with a long-lasting gel
Paintwork treated using a pre-wax oil/cleansing agent to help the adhesion of sealant or wax
Layer of high-grade carnauba wax applied, providing 3+ months protection
Please note: a sealant can be applied for longer lasting protection
Chrome and stainless steel treated and protected
Paint measured using a paint depth gauge to identify current paint levels before machine polishing
Paintwork treated to a 1-2 stage correction, depending on condition. This removes light swirling and give the paint more depth Correction level at least 70%
Air vents and fascia cleaned using detailing brushes
Leather surfaces cleaned, conditioned and protected
Exhaust tips rejuvenated with a metal polish and grade 00 wire wool
Paintwork treated to a 3-stage correction. This removes medium swirling, holograms and give the paint more depth Correction level at least 80%
All bodywork is panel wiped to ensure the right correction has been achieved
Three layers of high-grade carnauba wax is applied, which gives 3+ months protection
Please note: a sealant can be applied for longer lasting protection
Glass polished and protected with rain repellent

Please speak with a member of our Service team for a quote or to find out more.



The cleaning process consists of safely and thoroughly removing dust, lose dirt and grime from the vehicle's exterior/interior. This is a multi-stage process which initially includes a process known as 'Snow Foam' in conjunction with specifically designed brushes is used to get to all the hard to reach places such as panel gaps, door shuts and vents. The car is then washed using a lamb's wool mitt and two bucket system with built in grit guards.

The cleansing process is crucial in removing particles and bonded contaminants such as over-spray, fallout, brake dust and tree sap. Varying strengths of specifically designed clay bars are used. Initially "Aggressive" is used to take off thick contamination, working through to "Mild", ensuring that all of the contaminants are removed.

After the decontamination process, another wash is required to remove any residue left by the Clay Bar lubricant.


Crucial in assessing the condition of the paint before the paintwork is corrected.

Varied lumen lighting is used to inspect the extent and type of paint defects compromising the vehicles paintwork. Tools such as 3M PPS Sun Gun is used to replicate sun light highlighting defects, mostly visible under sun light.

Paint measurement gauges are also used in assessing paint originality, whilst analysing the integrity of the paint to assess the correct course of action when correcting paint defects.

Time, precision, and cutting-edge technology are combined to ensure that we identify all defects in the surface of your vehicle.

Paint Correction

A term used to describe the complex removal of paint defects such as Swirl Marks,
Holograms/buffer trails and other imperfections.

The combination of pads, compounds, polishes and glazes, allows us to be selective in choosing the best treatment for your paint; to maintain its integrity, whilst producing an unparalleled shine.

Protection and Sealing

Protection & Sealing

Once the paint has been corrected, we then use some of the best sealants, glazes and waxes specifically suited to each vehicle.

We assess the paint type, colour and how the vehicle is used, in order to apply the
most suitable protection. This is a crucial process in preserving the integrity of our
work, whilst enhancing the depth of shine.



Specifically designed products are used to dress, restore and protect materials such
carbon fibre, plastic, rubber, windows and metal finishes, whilst providing UV
protection. On some severe cases a precision metal restoration device is used to
enhance heavily defected items, such as exhaust tips badges and many other metal


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