Some historians claim it’s a myth that Rolls-Royce ever described the power output of its models with a dismissive, understated word: ‘adequate’. True or not, in these more fact-hungry times we are permitted to know that the new V-Specification offers a 30bhp/22kW power increase, endowing this limited edition Rolls-Royce Ghost with 593bhp.

The V-Specification is offered with a choice of five unique exterior finishes and features a number of distinctive design enhancements.


Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification

Rolls-Royce would never describe their cars as ‘sporty’ but do concede that the Ghost is the most driver-oriented four-door they make. The V-Specification turns up the dial a couple of extra graduations, not just because of the extra power but also through the design enhancements. Outside, you’ll notice the 21” part-polished five-spoke wheels and the V-Specification motif incorporated within the coachlines. Five special finishes are offered: Graphite, Black Sapphire, Black Kirsch, Arctic White and Infinity Black. Alternatively, any shade from a palette of over 44,000 colours can be specified as a cost option, as can visible chrome exhausts.

Inside, you enter the cabin over V-Specification treadplates; the same design signature also appears on the rear armrest and as a stainless steel inlay on the entertainment system cover. Contrast piping and stitching accentuate the contemporary, dramatic design theme. As a finishing touch, the dashboard-mounted clock features a black crown.  The Ghost V-Specification is available for both standard and extended wheelbase bodies.


Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification

The V-Specification celebrates one of the Rolls-Royce Ghost’s defining characteristics: its 6.6 litre V12 engine.  The standard Ghost – if there is such a thing as a standard Rolls-Royce – boasts 563bhp. The V-Specification adds a further 30bhp, bringing the total up to 593bhp and propelling the Spirit of Ecstasy from standstill to 60 miles an hour in just 4.7 seconds. Naturally, this impressive performance is accomplished with the utmost refinement, smoothness and flexibility. As with the Ghost, the Ghost V-Specification’s V12 engine offers a full 80% of its maximum torque from idle, giving the impression of inexhaustible reserves of power.

Other key characteristics of the Ghost are also retained, from the supple yet responsive air suspension to the 8-speed gearbox. A head-up display with Night Vision warns of any unlit cyclists or pedestrians within range whilst the satellite-aided transmission knows whether you’re ascending an alpine pass or cruising through the Low Countries and modifies its shift patterns accordingly. It’s the perfect complement to the V-Specification’s remarkable V12 engine.


  • Top Speed155 MPH

  • 0-60 MPH4.8s

  • Max Power563 BHP

  • Engine Size6594 CC

  • Weight2495 KG

Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification
Vehicle length 5399 mm / 17 ft.9in
Vehicle width 1987 mm / 78.2 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1550 mm / 5 ft 1in
Wheelbase 3295 mm / 10 ft 10in
Unladen weight (DIN) 2495 kg / 5203 lb
Type V / 12 / 48
Fuel management Direct injection
Max torque @ engine speed 780 Nm / 575 lb ft @ 1,500 rpm
Power output @ engine speed 563bhp /570 PS(DIN)/420 kW@ 5,250 rpm
Top speed 155 mph / 250 km/h (governed)
Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.8 sec
Fuel Consumption
Urban 21.2 ltr/100 km / 13.3 mpg (Imp.)
Extra urban 9.8 ltr/100 km / 28.8 mpg (Imp.)
Combined consumption / range 1 14.0 ltr/100 km / 20.2 mpg (Imp.)
CO2 emissions (combined) 327 g/km

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