Black Badge Wraith

The most dynamic Rolls-Royce ever made powers into the dark.

There’s a new breed of Rolls-Royce owner, and he or she isn’t content to waft along in the slow lane. The Rolls-Royce Black Badge models are aimed at such high achievers, and were inspired by restless personalities like Charles Rolls, Sir Malcolm Campbell and Muhammed Ali. Wraith Black Badge is the darkest, fastest and most exhilarating expression of this spirit.


Rolls-Royce wraith Black Badge

Rolls-Royce stylists have given their creativity free rein for the Black Badge series, and the result is a Wraith that sends a frisson of excitement down the spine even when it’s parked at the kerbside. The wheels command attention; as black as night itself, the rims are made from carbon-fibre composite bonded to aircraft-grade aluminium hubs. As well as looking effortlessly cool, they also reduce unsprung weight, to the benefit of handling.

Externally, brightwork becomes darkwork. This includes the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy and the Double R badge as well as front grille surround, boot lid finisher, lower air inlet finisher and exhaust pipes. A new shade of paint, Black Badge Black, complements the look to perfection though owners are free to specify any colour they wish.

Inside, the upholstery is in black leather with contrasting Cobalto Blue and embroidered ‘Unlimited’ Logo; air vents are dark, using a permanent process called Physical Vapour Deposition, and the trim is finished in aerospace-grade aluminium-threaded carbon fibre composite – a material associated with stealth aircraft. The finishing touch is provided by a Black Badge fascia clock with orange-tipped hands.



Rolls-Royce wraith Black Badge

Already the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce ever, the Black Badge version retains the Wraith V12’s exceptional 623hp power output but gains an extra 70Nm of torque. A redesigned air-suspension set up, new drive shafts and uprated 8-speed transmission give a tauter handling set up, more physical steering feedback and more neutral cornering characteristics.

Intuitive Throttle Response gives greater urgency once the throttle is depressed beyond 25%. The transmission holds gears for longer, shifting between 300 and 500rpm higher. Approaching full throttle, the transmission holds the gear right to the red line. During deceleration, the transmission downshifts sooner, giving a little extra engine braking for spirited driving. The brakes are one inch larger in diameter too, for swifter and more direct pedal response. And when the Black Badge Wraith is in its element – carving swiftly through the night – automatic LED headlights light up the road ahead. Set off on a continental tour and you won’t want to stop when night falls.

New Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith PRICing from £329,670

New Rolls-Royce Black Badge Wraith prices start from £329,670. This is the manufacturer's on the road price (OTR) including VAT, Road Tax, Tracker, First Registration and Glass Coat as of February 2020, please call us to discuss options.

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