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If your Aston Martin is three years old or over, it requires an annual MOT test certificate to prove that it is in a roadworthy condition. This test checks safety-critical items on your car to make sure they meet the key legal minimum requirements at the time.

Components to be inspected include vehicle structure, fuel system, exhaust emissions, seat belt operation, brakes, tyres and wheel condition, lights, windscreen wipers, steering and suspension.

By choosing us to carry out your MOT, you can be sure that any remedial work will be carried out to Aston Martin standards using genuine parts – yet we charge no more for an MOT than the local quick-fit general repairer.

* H.R. Owen reserves the right to withdraw this service at any time, without notice. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some sites may use an offsite MOT facility. Please contact your local H.R. Owen dealer for full details, terms & conditions.

Like any other vehicle component, air conditioning systems requires maintenance. Micro-organisms can contaminate the system which, over time, can cause unpleasant odours. Refrigerant gas may also start to leak, causing the air conditioning to run inefficiently and to increase fuel consumption. We recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced every two years in order to replenish the liquids used by the system and to ensure all components are working correctly.

Within an hour a factory-trained technician can restore your air conditioning system, including an anti-bacterial clean for just £180. Air Conditioning service includes:

  • Recharging refrigerant to recommended levels
  • Adding fresh system oil
  • Check operation of air conditioning system
  • Full visual inspection, temperature and leak checks
  • Recovery of refrigerant, evacuation of air and moisture from system
  • Full anti-bacterial clean

* Terms & Conditions apply. Please speak to your H.R. Owen Aston Martin Dealer for full details and prices. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are dependant on make & model and may vary on a case by case basis. Calls charged at local rates and may be recorded.

Tyres are the most important performance components on your Aston Martin. Whether you are accelerating, braking or steering, your safety and enjoyment depend on the four contact patches between tyres and road surface.

So it’s essential that your Aston Martin is fitted with tyres that are in good condition and of a type recommended for the model by the factory.

Although the minimum legal tread depth (across at least 75% of the tread) is 1.6mm, the braking capability and grip of a tyre is seriously reduced once the tread depth is less than 3mm. When braking in the wet, this difference becomes all the more dramatic.

We’ll be happy to inspect your tyres – including checking for sidewall damage – and provide an estimate for the cost of replacement, if needed. We can offer a range of premium tyres at competitive prices, fitted and balanced with care.

Winter tyres – a gripping investment. Winter tyres aren’t just for ice and snow. And contrary to a still-popular myth, they don’t damage the surface of the road, either (that’s the studded variety). Winter tyres simply use rubber of a different compound from all-year tyres, with a tread design that’s more efficient at clearing rain and snow.

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that winter tyres grip better whenever the temperature falls below around 7°C. That’s most of the UK winter. Your braking distances will be shorter, the car will corner better and even tyre wear will be lower if you use the right tyre at the right time of year. Braking on an icy road at 20mph, your braking distance will be shorter by 11 metres when using winter tyres. They’re both a safer choice and a performance enhancement.

We offer Aston Martin Winter Wheel and Tyre Kits for all current models, enabling you to enjoy your Aston Martin in all weathers. The kits consist of wheels, tyres and wheel centre badges. Optional Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) are also available. The kits are excellent value and offer a significant saving over the purchase of the individual components.