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Maserati Granturismo S

Maserati GranTurismo S

2008 - 2012

Maserati Granturismo S

front of maserati granturismo s

The Maserati GranTurismo S is the sportiest of the four-seater versions of this high-performance coupé, and it stands out as one of the most capable models from the renowned Italian manufacturer. The agile car has a dominant yet refined presence on the road, offering power and poise in harmony to deliver a thrilling driving experience every time.

The redesigned front grille and side spoilers give the GranTurismo S a shape that’s modern yet familiar. The rear spoiler is fully integrated into the boot lid to improve efficiency, and the red-pronged Trident with matching brake callipers as standard mark the model out as a competition Maserati.

No less than seven colour options are available for the 20” wheel rims, from the bright ‘Neptune’ to the muted ‘Grigio Mercury’, to match the look of your GranTurismo S. The brake callipers are visible through the design of each wheel, and can be selected in one of seven vibrant colours.

The range of customisable features in the design of the GranTurismo S ensures that your model will be one of a kind. Eighteen different paintwork colours are available, in addition to ten shades of leather seating and nine carpet choices. Stitching can be selected in either the same or a contrasting tone to the upholstery.

Inside the car, cutting-edge technology and modern design blend seamlessly. The interior is original to the GranTurismo S model, styled to give a reassuring feel to the driver and produce a more confident ride. Every control and button is placed logically and within easy reach of the steering wheel.

The GranTurismo S is capably powered by a 4.7-litre engine, which produces a substantial 52kg/m of torque at 4,750rpm. You’ll enjoy a top speed of 183mph from a 0-62 speed of only 4.9 seconds. The V8 engine achieves maximum power at 7,500rpm, and is capable of reaching 7,600rpm if on-the-limit gear changes are made. As one of Maserati’s new breed of wet sump engines, it keeps noise at a comfortable level without fully silencing the car’s distinctive growl.

Through the electro-actuated gearbox, the highest levels of fine-tuned performance are within your reach. Six speeds plus reverse and a choice of manual or automatic modes give you total control, and the built-in MC-Shift software makes every gear change quicker. The twin disc clutch is compact to keep the weight of the car down and reduce inertia from the engine.

The built-in transaxle system is part of Maserati’s proud traditions in technology. It improves the weight distribution across the GranTurismo S for improved handling, and connects the gearbox and engine via a tube that houses the drive shaft. This setup gives the model a unique weighting amongst high-performance cars.

close up of maserati alloy, exhaust and steering


4.5 Litres

Top Speed

186 MPH

0-60 MPH

4.7 Seconds

  • Vehicle length 4881 mm
  • Vehicle width 2056mm
  • Vehicle height 1353mm
  • Wheelbase 2942mm
  • Unladen weight (DIN) 4145 kg
  • Engine Capacity 4691 cc
  • Max torque @ engine speed 520 Nm (53 kgm)
  • Power output @ engine speed 460 cv / 338 kW @ 7000 rpm
  • Top Speed 186 mph
  • Acceleration (0-60mph) 4.7
  • Combined consumption 26.4 mpg
  • Combined CO2 360 g/km

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