Aventador S


The letter ‘S’ has a special significance in Lamborghini history. Models with that suffix have included Miura, Islero, Countach and Urraco, and in each case it has represented the pinnacle of performance technology for its era.

Now the Aventador S joins that elite group, a supercar that represents the ultimate in production V12 Lamborghinis.


Lamborghini Aventador S

There’s an air of shark-like menace to the redesigned face of the Aventador S, an impression that’s conveyed by the redesigned front spoiler and splitter. But it’s no mere cosmetic change; compared with the original Aventador, the new Aventador S generates around 130% more front downforce and in low-drag configuration is fully 400% more efficient. New side vents reduce turbulence and improve the flow of cooling air through the radiators, while at the rear the S model is distinguished by a redesigned rear bumper/diffuser with an eye-catching central hexagonal exhaust.  This is split into three by a Y shaped casting, and the rear lights echo that theme with three Y-shaped LEDs either side. New forged 20"/21" silver alloy wheels are also unique to the Aventador S.

For the interior, owners have the option of the new S-Line trim, which features diamond stitching on the seat inner panels and leather stripes on the seat bolsters, door, dashboard and roof lining. There’s a new TFT driver display with completely redesigned graphics, offering more information more accessibly. Lamborghini’s patented Carbon Skin® is another exclusive option; this hard-wearing yet soft-touch finish covers the centre of the cockpit instrument panel, outer part of the roof lining and centre of the rear seat, with a border of leather piping. As a finishing touch, Lamborghini gives a subtle reminder that it’s a world-leader in composites technology with a gloss-finish carbon-fibre sill cover.


Lamborghini Aventador S

The 6498cc V12 masterpiece at the heart of the Aventador S has received a 40HP boost to 740HP, thanks to revised variable valve and intake timing. It still drives through a seven-speed robotised gearshift but the software has been revised giving a softer shift in urban conditions as well as more consistent high-speed operation in manual mode. But the key innovation comes with what Lamborghini calls ‘the four masterpieces’. These are; four-wheel steering, which allies Lamborghini Dynamic Steering on the front wheels with an active rear-steer system; four-wheel drive, with new specification PZero tyres; four-way active pushrod suspension; and finally a choice of four drive modes. These are the familiar STRADA, SPORT and CORSA and a new drive mode, EGO, which as the name suggests allows the driver to create a bespoke set up of steering, suspension and powertrain.

In short, Lamborghini’s designers and engineers have taken the existing Aventador and made it more dramatic, more exclusive, faster and more dynamic to create the Aventador S. Considering the original was already such an icon, that’s no mean feat.


  • Top Speed217 mph

  • 0-60 MPH2.9s

  • Max Power740 CV

  • Engine Size6498 CC

  • Weight1575 kg

Lamborghini Aventador S
Vehicle length 4797 mm
Vehicle height 1136 mm
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Unladen weight (DIN) 1575 kg
Type TBC
Fuel management TBC
Max torque @ engine speed 690 Nm (507 lb.-ft.) @ 5.500 rpm
Power output @ engine speed 740 CV (544 kW) @ 8.400 rpm
Top speed 217 mph
Acceleration 0-60mph - 2.9 S
Fuel Consumption
Urban 26,2 l/100 km (11 mpg)
Extra urban 11,6 l/100 km (18 mpg)
Combined consumption / range 1 16,9 l/100 km
CO2 emissions (combined) 394 g/km

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