ZHC Driver Bentley

Job Details

Location: Bentley Surrey

Salary: TBC at interview

Closing Date: 12 December 2019

Added: 12 September 2019

Job Description

  • To maintain the highest standards of driving and ensure that a full clean driving licence is maintained to enable such a vehicle as the manager directs to be driven.
  • To drive in a safe and legal manner at all times ensuring accidents and incidents are kept to a minimum. Any incidents whatsoever reported to the relevant line manager immediately.
  • Any variations to designated routes notified to relevant line managers immediately.
  • To cooperate with supervisors and other personnel and to be relied upon to assist and help where necessary.
  • To ensure where required all dealership vehicles are clean and maintained to a correct standard and that they are free from litter, have no defects and reporting any noticed immediately.
  • Commitment and willingness to additional hours as required.
  • Knowledge and adherence to systems including legal responsibilities under the Road Traffic Act, and Vehicle Taxation Validity.
  • Establishing a good image and relationship with people who we deliver to or collect from, including other branches of H.R. Owen group and acting as ambassadors for the dealership
  • Personal appearance should be in accordance with Company Policy.  
  • All customers should be treated in a polite and courteous manner in accordance with Company Policy.
  • To replace items belonging to customers and left in their own vehicles, as closely as possible to the way in which they were left in the vehicle by the customer.
  • To ensure that, where relevant, parts are properly packaged and protected from damage while in transit and that all transferred goods are signed and properly documented. Any discrepancies reported to the relevant line manager in a timely manner.

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