New Ferrari

We are pleased to present all current GT and sports car Ferrari models at our South Kensington and St. Albans dealerships. All models have their own distinctive appearance and performance characteristics, but at the same time are clearly recognisable as being from the same company that created the F40 and the Testarossa.

Our salespeople are great admirers of the Ferrari range. Their extensive knowledge of our models means that you will receive detailed answers to any technical questions, and valuable insights on which vehicle would suit you most. Our advisors are there to help you find your ideal car, and pride themselves on providing an objective viewpoint rather than one aimed at persuading you to part with the most money.

When you decide on the most suitable car, you will be able to personalise it to your exact criteria through the Carozzeria Scaglietti programme. Visits to our Knightsbridge Atelier will enable you to choose every detail of your purchase, from the structure of the bodywork to the colour of the interior trim.

Contact H.R. Owen Ferrari in South Kensington or the Knightsbridge Atelier to book a test drive or to discuss our new and used Ferrari range further.