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H.R. Owen Ferrari has been awarded the coveted Ferrari Officina Classiche certification, and is authorised to carry out maintenance, repair and restoration of classic Ferrari models to Classiche-certified standards.

Working in partnership with the Classiche Department in Maranello, we maintain the authenticity and provenance of every Ferrari with the Classiche certification.


Our 15 skilled, highly experienced technicians work in a 25,000 square foot dedicated Ferrari workshop, with three ramps devoted purely to classic and modern classic work and a stock of over £500,000-worth of Ferrari Genuine parts.

Whether you require maintenance, authentication or restoration for your classic Ferrari, it couldn’t be in better hands.

Classiche certificate of authenticity

Routine Service & MOT

Ferrari Classiche in Maranello is the ultimate arbiter of the originality and provenance of a Ferrari. Its rigorously-audited Certificate of Authenticity underpins the value of any Ferrari road car over 20 years old as well as Ferrari F1, certain limited series models and Sports Prototypes. This certificate is a guarantee of originality for any future purchaser.

The Ferrari Classiche certificate also tells classic event and concours organisers that the Ferrari in question is the real thing, unlocking access to a world of exclusive events.

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Routine Service & MOT

A worldwide network of approved Officina Classiche (workshops) is rigorously audited by Maranello to ensure they have the skills and the knowhow to maintain a classic Ferrari to Classiche Certification standards. And we’re proud to say that H.R. Owen Ferrari is part of that elite.

This means that we are fully qualified to care for your classic Ferrari, from servicing and repairs to inspection and drafting of documents for certification.  

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Routine Service & MOT

At our workshops we maintain Classiche-certified Ferrari models to high standards of authenticity. So not only can you rely on your classic Ferrari to perform as its makers intended, you can also be sure that the future value of your classic is being maintained.

All Classiche-certified Ferraris are issued with a Officina Classiche "maintenance manual", which records the state of the mechanical components and body, and the vehicle’s conformity to the information in the Certificate of Authenticity. These parameters are reassessed over time through careful annual checks.

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