Fixed Price Servicing from £729

Fixed Price Service

The Ferrari Fixed Price Servicing programme is all-inclusive and highly competitive. All work is carried out by Ferrari trained technicians using Genuine Ferrari Parts, which come with a one-year dealer warranty. All prices are inclusive of Genuine Ferrari Parts, labour and VAT.

Annual service includes:

  • Replacement Engine Oil and filter
  • Replacement Pollen filter
  • Replacement Brake/clutch fluid
  • Plus, comprehensive safety checks are carried out.

Mileage Service (18,750 miles), all the items above plus following:

  • Replacement gearbox oil
  • Replacement Air filter
  • Replacement Power steering fluid
  • Check wheel alignment and adjustments (exclude 599 GTB)

* For 550/575 Includes replacement of spark plugs
** For 599 GTB mileage service is at 25,000 mile


Annual Service
(see details below)
Mileage service
(see details below)
Ferrari 355 £729 £1,499
Ferrari 360 £749 £1,699
Ferrari 430 £849 £1,899
Ferrari 550/575 £1,099 £2,299*
Ferrari 612 £1,099 £2,929
Ferrari 599 GTB £1,099 £2,699**
Earlier modes Price upon request

We recommend that the air conditioning system is serviced every two years, no matter how old your Ferrari is, in order to replenish the liquids used by the system and to ensure all components are working correctly. To know more about H.R. Owen air conditioning service click here


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