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Carbon Fibre Aero Bridge

F12 - Carbon Fibre Aero Bridge

Ferrari Genuine offers owners the opportunity to install a carbon fibre variant of the lateral aerobridge conceived to redirect air along the flanks of the vehicle.

The carbon fibre version of this hallmark feature makes the car even more aggressive and technologically advanced, as the part weighs 50% less than the standard component, while the visible weave of the material adds an exclusive touch to the design of the vehicle.(Available in Matt or Gloss)                  


Please ask for prices, ***other styles available

Carbon Fibre Fuel Filler Fla

F12 - Carbon Fibre Fuel Filler Flap

The light and functional fuel filler flap in carbon fibre, embellished with a chrome finish Prancing Horse motif, is the perfect complement to the style of a Ferrari.

The materials used for Ferrari accessories adopt state of the art technological solutions derived directly from Formula 1.



From £585.00 inc VAT

F12 - Carbon Fibre Luggage Lip

F12 - Carbon Fibre Luggage Lip

The carbon fibre inserts offer owners extreme
flexibility in how they configure the interior of
the passenger compartment with a wide range of options that give every aspect of the interior a truly
customized look.

The kits are designed to meet all the customers' needs,
although the customers can also purchase and install
individual parts from their dealers, who have been
properly trained and informed with regard to the various
possibilities that the Ferrari catalogue has to offer.                                                        

From £2067.00 inc VAT

Hexagonal Valve Cap Kit

F12 - Hexagonal Valve Cap Kit

The wheels can be customized with the classic hexagonal valve cap featuring the Prancing Horse emblem, on a background available in the following colours (Yellow, Red and Black) to match the colour of the centre caps.                                                    

From £79.00 inc VAT

F12 - F1 Shift Paddles

F12 - F1 Shift Paddles

The F1 paddles behind the steering wheel can be replaced with a paddle kit made entirely of carbon fibre.


From £1005.00 inc VAT

F12 - Carbon Fibre Kick Plate

F12 - Carbon Fibre Kick Plate

With the Ferrari Genuine program, you can replace the aluminium kick-plate with carbon fibre elements. The kick-plate is made entirely of carbon fibre with the Ferrari logo incorporated.                                                                               

From £79.00 inc VAT

Tailpipe Tips with Ceramic Coating


The continuous quest for new materials to offer even better performance in every single detail has always been part of the Ferrari spirit. These tailpipes with a black ceramic coating, applied with specially developed technological process, give the car an even more aggressive look. This coating ensures durable resistance to discoloration, even when exposed to high temperatures, and also makes the tailpipes more weather resistant and offers protection against occasional minor damage.                                                                                                                                        

From £1585.00 inc VAT

Tailpipe Tips with Ceramic Coating

F12TDF - UnderDoor Lighting

The under-door lighting kit gives owners the change to accentuate their Ferrari with yet another exclusive and stylish feature. The kit consists of two light units and four sets of special lenses which project the logo of the
vehicle or the Cavallino Rampante motif onto the ground under the door when the door is opened.




From £455.00 inc VAT

Under-Door Kit in Carbon Fibre

F12TDF - Under-Door kit in Carbon Fibre

The products offered in the Ferrari Genuine catalogue include an under-door kit in visible weave carbon fibre, a solution which combines aesthetic appeal with
outstanding technical performance. It also contributes to reducing the overall weight of the car through the use of lightweight individual components which, in some cases, weigh as little as half as much as their standard counterparts.
This solution visually accentuates the racing spirit of the car and emphasize both the exclusivity of the materials used and the excellence of the workmanship
in the manufacture of the component itself.   

From £8531.00 inc VAT

488GTB - Carbon Fibre Air Intake

488GTB - Carbon Fibre Air Intake

The lateral air intakes in the rear flanks channel air to the turbochargers. The horizontal segments designed by Ferrari are used to divide the air flow and guarantee that the engine receives maximum power. Installation of the carbon fibre splitters highlights these iconic elements on the vehicle and, at the same time, significantly reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.


From £2113.45 inc VAT

488GTB - Carbon Fibre Air Ducts

488GTB - Under-Door kit in Carbon Fibre

There are two slots on the rear bumper of the 488 which are used to extract air from the engine compartment. Rear air ducts made of carbon fibre, available through Ferrari Genuine, can be installed to accentuate these technological elements on the vehicle and reduce the overall weight.                                                                   


From £3168.00 inc VAT

488GTB - Winter Tyres

488GTB - Winter Tyres

The long-standing partnership between Pirelli, Michelin and Ferrari has led to the development of specific summer and winter tyres. These can be swapped at appropriate times of the year to maximise performance and durability. Manufactured with rubber compounds with advanced grip properties, superior water expulsion capability and extreme structural stability. Even at higher speeds, Ferrari tyres combine traction with handling qualities, and significantly reduce stopping distances in all weather conditions, including snow.

Front x2 £1125.00 inc VAT Rear x2 £896.00 inc VAT

Under-Door Kit in Carbon Fibre

LaFerrari - FXX-K Style Wheels

On the LaFerrari, a car with exceptional racing qualities, you can install new forged wheels that were used on its racier sister. 

FXX-K style wheels are available in a Matte Silver finish.  




From £10260.00 inc VAT

LaFerrari - Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler

LaFerrari - Carbon Fibre Front Spoiler

Designed using highly innovative fluid dynamics techniques and perfected in the wind tunnel in order to optimize the aerodynamics of the underbody, the front
spoiler is an essential part of the vehicle aerodynamics which increases the vehicle's downforce.

The carbon fibre version highlights the appearance of the spoiler and, at the same time, significantly reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.



From £1584.00 inc VAT

LaFerrari - Carbon Fibre Additional Mats

LaFerrari - Carbon Fibre Additional Mats

Manufactured using patented new technology, Ferrari Genuine over mats are made with real carbon fibre sued for the parts in contact with the feet and feature a special clear coat layer which gives the mat a non-slip finish without compromising the look of the material. The vehicle logo appears on a laser-etched leather patch on the driver side mat only.  

A genuine leather backing ensures the perfect balance between flexibility and stiffness a gives the over mat a substantial feel, while the edge is trimmed in leather with exclusive grey stitching.

From £1445.00 inc VAT


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