488 Spider

Taut, Sharp Hardtop Convertible with Turbo V8 Power

For some, the looks of the Ferrari 488 Spider will be enough to persuade them, with its dramatic scoops and sensuous shape. For others, it’s all about the performance from that 660bhp blown V8 and track-honed chassis.

This is a no-compromise mid-engined Ferrari V8: the fact it’s also a convertible simply adds more open-air thrills to the equation.


Ferrari 488 Spider

The 488 Spider made its official debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It shares the new-look aero profile, dramatic air scoops and blown spoiler of its coupé stablemate with the added advantage of a sleek folding hardtop. Ferrari is proud of its expertise in aluminium and magnesium and claim to use 11 different alloys in the construction of the Spider. The result is a light structure with the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness as the coupé despite the absence of a fixed roof.

The roof itself is a hardtop that can be raised and lowered in 14 seconds. When down the two overlapping sections of the rigid hardtop rest on top of the engine, a space-efficient solution that ensures the 488 Spider remains equally eye-catching whether the roof is up or not. The Spider also features a rear glass which can be adjusted to one of three positions, for optimal driver and passenger comfort when the roof is lowered. You can even lower the rear glass yet leave the roof erect to enjoy the ‘open air’ sonic range of the engine in all its majesty.

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Ferrari 488 Spider

Key figures for the 488 Spider are identical to those of the GTB coupé. So there’s 670 metric horsepower (around 660bhp) and 760 Nm of torque; enough to catapult the Spider from 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 3.0 seconds courtesy of that turbocharged 3992cc V8. As with the 488 GTB coupé, some purists were worried about the transition to turbocharging, but fears are groundless. Ferrari claims to have eliminated traditional turbo lag with a throttle response time of just 0.8 seconds. And the 488 Spider’s engineers have also made sure the Ferrari convertible sounds great too, with a unique soundtrack that sounds great when the roof is up and spine-tingling when you’re in the open air. More power, more torque, more efficiency; for a performance sports car the move to turbo is a no-brainer.

To prove the point, put two well-matched drivers together on track, one in a 488 Spider and one in its predecessor the 458 Spider, and the older car would soon be eating the turbo’s dust. The driver of the 488 Spider would also be having more fun, thanks to SSC2 Side Slip Angle Control System programming that allows extra leeway for sliding and drifting. Ferrari’s 488 Spider may be a convertible, but it’s no boulevardier.


  • Top Speed203 MPH

  • 0-60 MPH2.9s

  • Max Power661 BHP

  • Engine Size3902 CC

  • Weight1420 KG

Ferrari 488 Spider
Vehicle length 4568 mm / 179.8 in
Vehicle width 1952 mm / 76.9 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1213 mm / 47.8 in
Wheelbase 2710 mm / 106.7 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1525 kg / 3362 lb
Type V8 - 90° Turbo
Fuel management Direct injection
Max torque @ engine speed 760 Nm at 3000 rpm in VII gear
Power output @ engine speed 492 kW (670 cv) at 8000 rpm
Top speed >203 mph / 325 km/h
Acceleration 0-60 mph 2.9 sec
Fuel Consumption
Urban 11.4 l/100 km
Extra urban TBC
Combined consumption / range 1 TBC
CO2 emissions (combined) 260 g/km

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