When the term écurie was first coined, our French cousins had a stable of four-legged thoroughbreds in mind. More recently, it has acquired the evocative aroma of racing oils, high-revving engines and hot tyre rubber. There have been many famous motor racing écuries over the past century competing at the highest levels, from Le Mans to the F1 World Championship.

And now? You won’t find H.R. Owen Ecurie on the race circuits. But you will find a showcase of the finest high performance pre-owned vehicles, brought together by a passionate, expert and friendly team of people. Using the full resources of the H.R. Owen Group, we offer outstanding supercars from around the world. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati from Italy. Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW from Germany. Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren and Rolls-Royce from the UK. And if there’s a specific model you’re looking for, we’ll use our contacts and resources to find it.

Our combination of industry-wide knowledge and passion for high performance cars ensures that H.R. Owen Ecurie is a winning team. And with some of the greatest driving roads on our doorstep, we’re ideally placed to help you find, choose and keep the supercar of your dreams.

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