Extended Warranty

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Extended Warranty


In your Bugatti you're always sitting pretty. And that's not just due to the quality of the materials and the engineering, it's also due t the excellent cover offered by our extended warranty. Valid for up to four years from the date of registration, it provides you with a full breakdown service and guarantees all mechanical and electrical components, as well as the body and paintworkProviding you with a 24 hour personal service, including your own deducated contact person, we are commited to ensure you rest easy. All repairs are carried out using original genuine parts and by factory trained technicians.

Keeping you On The Road

Routine Service & MOT

They say that sometimes it is better to travel than to arrive. But we strive to ensure tha you travel in syle, and also to arrive at your destination feeling safe and relaxed, However, in the unlikely event that you do suffer a breakdown, Buggati Automobiles S.A.S offers the following services to get you back on track as soon as possible:

  • Immediate Breakdown recovery: simply call the Bugatti Customer Care Hotline on +33 (0) 88 04 81 50
  • If the fault cannot be repaired at the roadside, your vehicle will be transported to the nearest Bugatti service centre
  • At H.R.Owen Bugatti Service you will be provided with and alternative vehicle whilst your vehicle is being repaired.
  • If you cannot get home as a result of the breakdown, Bugatti Customer Services will organise for you to receive a cheque to cover expenses such as travel and accommodation (no proof of spending is necessary)


Routine Service & MOT

Bugattis are made to be drive. Which is why we make every effort to carry out all warranty repairs as quickly as possible, with minimus fuss. The following guildlines are used to determine if a claim is valid:

  • Warranty claims must be authorised by a us or Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S
  • The complete service histort must be provided at the time of making the claim
  • Repairs or the replacement of faulty parts are at the discretion of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. In the evnt of replacement, the old parts become the property of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S
  • It a fault renders the vehicle unroadworthy, it is the responsibility of the warranty holder to contact us or Bugatti Automobilies S.A.S who will ther decide on wher the repairs will be carried out
  • The warranty documentation clearly states the start dates for the extended warranty
  • The Bugatti warranty applies to the vehicle and not the owner. It can be trasferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold during the warranty period
  • Wider claims are not covered by the warranty. In particular, it does not cover any indirect or consequential damages

Keeping everything clear

We take our responsibility to keep you Bugatti on the road very seriously. However, the warranty is subject to a few, very clear defined exclusions. While it covers all faults that existed at the start of the warranty period and come to light during it, claims cannot be made for the following:

  • Damage resulting from accidents or other external factors (e.g. theft or stone impacts), or as a result of the owners lack of care or inappropriate use.
  • Damage caused either intentionally or as a result of gross negigence by the owner, the driver or any othe passengers
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, or by the modification, fitting or removal of parts by unauthorised persons. This also applies to accessories not supplied and/or fitted by authorised sources or persons
  • Damages caused by the warranty holder or other third parties (not Bugatti dealers) carrying out repairs or maintenance, or not taking due care of the vehicle
  • Damage resulting from the failure to ensure the vehicle is serviced at the intervals specified by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S
  • Damage resulting from a failure to correctly follow the instructions (e.g. in the owners manual) on how to operate, care for and maintain the vehicle
  • Damage caused by external factors (e.g. accidents, hail storms or flooding)
  • In cases where the vehicle is fitted with parts that have not been authorised by Bugatti Automobilies S.A.S
  • In cases where the vehicle has been modified without approval from Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S (e.g. tuning modifications)
  • In cases where the vehicle have been used inappropriatelty or beyond its intended capabilities (e.g. by racing it or exceeding the specified maximum speed)
  • In cases where the warranty holder has been requested to have the vehicle repaired but has failed to do so within a reasonable period of time

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