Why Bodytechnics

Why Bodytechnics?

As a manufacturer-approved and dealer-approved body work repairer and paint specialist for prestige vehicles, Bodytechnics' customers all benefit from the following:


By using genuine manufacturer-approved parts and repair methods, Bodytechnics ensures that your vehicle's integrity and warranty remain valid. It's your car and investment – you have the right to choose who repairs it.

Product knowledge

The manufacturers insist that staff are fully trained on all models and use the latest repair methods.

Latest technology

We have set a benchmark for all prestige repair work with our modern infrastructure, ongoing manufacturer training and the use of the latest technology and repair techniques.


The specialist nature of the work undertaken means that technicians develop expertise in only a specific range of vehicles and are fully aware of the construction methods for those marques.

Technical information and repair methods

The manufacturers restrict access to information for non-approved repairers which means they cannot repair vehicles in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Bodytechnics has access to this information via secure computer links available to authorised repairers.


Manufacturers insist on the use of authorised equipment by properly trained and certified staff and dictate what equipment is required in order to gain approval. Bodytechnics' workshop fits all these requirements.


As required by manufacturers, Bodytechnics only acquires genuine parts sourced from genuine suppliers used in the repair process.


By issuing specific operating guidelines and repair methods, manufacturers ensure that vehicles repaired at Bodytechnics are carried out to the required standard every time and that customers are treated consistently well.


Vehicle manufacturers carry out frequent audits at Bodytechnics to ensure that high standards and best practice are maintained. As a result, our status as an authorised repairer for many prestige marques is retained.


In most cases manufacturers require reports on vehicles repaired and often carry out post-repair follow-ups with customers. Bodytechnics can give its customers frequent reports on the progress of a repair as and when requested.

Data protection

Manufacturers ensure that we observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act and that customer-sensitive data is not misused.

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