Specialist repairs


Carbon fibre and composite repairs

Carbon fibre in motor manufacturing is continually developing as weight-saving becomes an important aspect of vehicle design. The technology is being adopted into more mainstream prestige vehicles as well as supercars such as Aston Martin, Ferrari and McLaren for which we proudly hold manufacturer approvals. Our large investment in carbon fibre technology and training means our technicians have the expertise to repair vehicles of this type without compromising structural integrity. Adhering to authorised manufacturer repair techniques, we ensure the condition of any vehicle is seamlessly restored.

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Electric / hybrid technology

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular with the ever-expanding development in technology. Tesla, BMW, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche are all producing stunning vehicles and we hold manufacturer approval to repair all these marques. Electric and hybrid vehicles contain high voltage batteries producing a very high electrical current. Our fully-trained technicians have the expertise to follow authorised manufacturer procedures for such vehicles, adhering to strict health and safety guidelines.

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Structural aluminium repair

We hold the latest equipment, manufacturer-approved special tooling and technology to perform structural repairs on all aluminium vehicles. Aluminium repairs are highly specialised and our technicians are fully trained to meet the stringent criteria required for the perfect repair, avoiding any cross-contamination of materials.

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Body and chassis alignment

We continually invest in equipment to check and reset the alignment of any vehicle body, its chassis and suspension components. Perfect alignment is achieved with laser technology which ensures that complex vehicle geometry can be completely restored. Correct body and chassis alignment is paramount for the safety, performance and efficiency of any vehicle. We ensure every vehicle's integrity and value is maintained with correct alignment procedures.

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