Continental Supersports Convertible

2010 - 2013

The Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible is the fastest drop-head Bentley ever built, capable of 202mph, 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds, and 0-100mph in 9.5 seconds. A true supercar with a beautifully appointed four seat interior, this dramatic convertible takes its name from the 1925 Bentley Supersports, which was a race-bred version of the great Bentley 3-litre model. This legendary car produced 85bhp when 15bhp was more common, and was the first production car to reach 100mph. The boundary-breaking tradition continues.


Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

This is a dramatic re-interpretation of Bentley prestige, with satin finish carbon fibre, Alcantara and ‘Soft Grip’ leather giving the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible a true sporting character. Every switch and stitch is made to the same hand-finished Bentley standard.

As with the coupĂ© model, form follows function, however good it looks. For example, the distinctive centre air intake and vertical grilles feed 10 percent more air to the twin turbocharger intercoolers, while the dramatic bonnet vents extract hot air from the engine bay. The curved, muscular rear wheel arches accommodate the wider rear track that’s part of this extreme performance chassis. Elsewhere, the carbon fibre front sports seats are not simply beautiful. They save 45kg, and the boot-lid spoiler contributes to aerodynamic efficiency.

Uniquely, the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible features a smoked steel finish to all exterior brightware, which uses the first-ever application of Physical Vapour Deposition to stainless steel on a road car.


Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

Powering the most potent drop-head Bentley ever made is the awe-inspiring 6.0-litre W12 twin-turbocharged engine, that here produces 621bhp and 590lbs/ft of torque from just 2,000rpm. Now significantly lighter, it is capable of running on both petrol and E85 bioethanol, or a combination of the two. This FlexFuel technology can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent.

Packed with driver-focused technology, the Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible has a revised six-speed ZF transmission with ‘Quickshift’ that halves shift times and enables double downshifting.

The all-wheel drive system now has a 40/60 rear-biased torque split for minimal understeer and true sporting chassis responses, while the revised Continuous Damping Control (CDC), stiffer suspension bushes and uprated anti-roll bars deliver excellent body control, steering response and poise. Ultra-high performance Pirelli tyres and standard carbon-ceramic brakes provide huge grip and stopping power.


Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible
Vehicle length 4807 mm / 189.1 in
Vehicle width 2194 mm / 86.4 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1390 mm / 54.3 in
Wheelbase 2745 mm / 108.1 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 2240 kg / 4940 lb
Engine / cylinders / valves 6.0 / 12 / 48
Fuel management Direct injection
Max torque @ engine speed 720 Nm / 531 lb ft @ 3500 rpm
Power output @ engine speed 631 bhp / 640 PS (DIN) / 471 kW @ 6000 rpm
Top speed 204 mph / 329 km/h (governed)
Acceleration 0-60 mph 3.8 sec
Fuel Consumption
Urban 25.7 ltr/100 km / 11.0 mpg (Imp.)
Extra urban 11.5 ltr/100 km / 24.6 mpg (Imp.)
Combined consumption / range 1 16.7 ltr/100 km / 17.0 mpg (Imp.)
CO2 emissions (combined) 388 g/km