Diagnostic investigation from £99

Diagnostic Services

If you suspect that something isn't quite right with your Audi, an Initial Diagnostic Investigation can save a lot of time and worry.

With our new fixed price Diagnostic Investigation, our highly trained technicians will use the most advanced diagnostic equipment to find the cause for as little as £99.

We'll aim to get you an answer within an hour. And as soon as we've found out what's wrong we'll give you a call to discuss a solution, along with a firm quotation for the repair where possible.

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* The Initial Diagnostic Investigation is applicable to a wide range of possible scenarios. Please contact Jack Barclay Audi to find out whether this is the recommended action for your vehicle. Diagnosis may involve a road test.

Audi Cam video diagnosis

Audi Cam is one of the latest services offered at Jack Barclay Audi, allowing you to see video footage of your car in the workshop via your smartphone, tablet or PC. On the principle that a picture tells a thousand words, our Audi technicians can now film specific problems on the Audi Cam, add their diagnosis and recommended action, and then send the resulting film clips to you before any work begins.

When you receive any clips, they will be graded as ‘urgent’, ‘advisory’ or ‘for info’. We’ll also provide a VAT-inclusive price quotation for each job, along with action buttons that enable authorisation for us to proceed with it at the price quoted, to reject the work or to request a call back to discuss it.

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Free Audi vehicle health checks

Diagnostic Services

Whether you’re preparing for the snow, ice and harsh conditions of winter or planning a long, heavily-laden continental tour in the heat of summer, it’s worth booking a free health check for your Audi between services.

All safety-critical items such as brakes and tyres, the cooling system, battery and underbody will be thoroughly checked over and we’ll advise you of any areas needing your attention. Items rated ‘red’ require urgent attention, while amber rated components may need monitoring or replacement in the future. Green-rated items mean you’re good to go!

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