2011 - 2012

Carbon-fibre chassis and 750hp V12 create a 21st century icon.

Just 77 editions of the One-77 will be produced (hence the name), and a rarefied driving experience awaits every single owner. As well as a purpose-built 7.3 litre V12 engine capable of 750bhp, every aspect of the car’s design is devoted to achieving maximum handling and traction.

Unmistakeably an Aston Martin yet drastically different from anything else on the road, this vehicle represents the genius of which the manufacturer’s designers are capable when building an unadulterated performance car.


Traits such as the wide grille and the shape of the headlamps make it clear that the One-77 is part of the Aston Martin family. Nevertheless, the low-slung frame of the vehicle (it is just 48.1”, or 1222mm, tall), along with its large rear haunches and the more rearward location of the cabin, give the car a highly individual profile.

Despite the low body of the vehicle, entering through the swan wing doors presents no challenge. Once inside the cabin of the One-77, the long windscreen and delicately curved fascia offer an unobstructed view of the road. The hand-stitched leather of the upholstery cushions occupants from the firm ride, whilst the six-speed automated manual gearbox handles the torque well even at low speeds.

Aston Martin One-77


Aston Martin One-77

The already ferocious 6.0-litre, 48-valve V12 engine was completely reworked at Aston Martin’s Gaydon facility before being considered suitable for the One-77. The manufacturer’s engineers not only raised the unit’s capacity to 7312cc, and its maximum power output to 750bhp; at the same time, they also managed to reduce its weight by 15%.

The design of the vehicle’s exterior provides faultless stability, even at the very high speeds that it can attain. An adjustable suspension keeps the engine’s thrust in check, lowering itself and raising the rear spoiler when the car reaches a speed of over 100mph. The lengthy wheelbase, 20” wheels and a rear diffuser help to retain a sense of complete control right up to the One-77’s maximum speed of 220mph.


  • Top Speed220 MPH

  • 0-60 MPH3.5s

  • Max Power750 BHP

  • Engine Size5935 CC

  • Weight1630 KG

Aston Martin One-77
Vehicle length 4601 mm / 181 in
Vehicle width 2204 mm / 86 in
Vehicle height (unladen) 1222 mm / 48.1 in
Wheelbase 2791 mm / 109 in
Unladen weight (DIN) 1630 kg / 3593 lb
Engine / cylinders / valves V / 12 / 48
Fuel management Direct injection
Max torque @ engine speed 750 Nm / 553 lb ft
Power output @ engine speed 750 bhp / 760 PS (DIN) / 559 kW
Top speed 750 bhp / 760 PS (DIN) / 559 kW
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.7 sec
Fuel Consumption
CO2 emissions (combined) 572 g/km
Fuel tank capacity 98 litres

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