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The AMR Performance Clutch has been designed to enhance the performance feel of V8 manual models

Enhancing the sporting feel, the AMR Performance Clutch comprises an Aston Martin Racing, GT4 derived, lightweight flywheel and twin plate clutch. The result is a lighter and superior clutch response.

Lightweight Flywheel

Inspired by the design of the flywheel from the GT4 race car, the lightweight flywheel has been machined from through-hardened EN24T alloy steel, ensuring incredible tensile strength and toughness.

A reduction in the flywheel weight reduces inertia, giving an enhancement in responsive feel to the powertrain. This reduced inertia also works to make the system more reactive to changes in rotational speed, resulting in a smoother, lighter feeling through the gear gate.

Twin Plate Clutch

In addition to the lightweight flywheel, the AMR Performance Clutch is made up of a high-performance twin plate clutch with a significant increase in friction material surface area when compared to the standard clutch. This can help to enhance clutch life as well as torque capacity.

The twin plate clutch mass more focussed towards centre of flywheel, which is a contributing factor in delivering the significantly improved responsiveness. Finally, the reduction in clamping pressure decreases the clutch pedal weight, making it an easier and more enjoyable to drive even in heavy traffic.

Available for all Vantage V8 manual model derivatives up to 14MY

Part Number      6G33-11-10821

Description         KIT-TWIN PLTE CLUTCH

Fitted Price         £3840.00 inc VAT

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