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Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan


Aston Martin Vulcan
side of aston martin vulcan


At the very pinnacle of the hypercar market there are some cars so rare they’ll never be seen on the road. Aston Martin’s Vulcan is one such machine, a track-only limited edition of 24 cars that requires both a high degree of driving skill and deep pockets on the part of the owner. The result is the ultimate track-day weapon, also suitable for one-make racing or open category invitation races.

The Vulcan follows in the wheeltracks of Aston Martin’s last ultra-rare high performance car, the One-77. Unlike its predecessor, the Vulcan is intended only for track use and will be both more exclusive and more expensive than the 77 examples that were produced of the One-77. In contrast, just 24 examples of the Vulcan will be built, the number a deliberate reference to the company’s long and impressive Le Mans history.


The layout of the Vulcan is front mid-engined, with the entire engine sitting behind the front axle. The shape is dramatically different to the current Aston Martin range, with a low nose and new-look slimline headlamps. It’s also far lower, wider and with a multi-adjustable rear wing. Downforce levels attainable are in excess of the GT3 race cars.

The driver sits encased in a strong carbon fibre tub with a carbon fibre body featuring detachable panels; as a track-only machine the Vulcan is left hand drive only. To ensure that owners are capable of handling the 800+bhp power, the Vulcan is supplied as a package with a three-year Experience and Driver Training Programme, allowing the owner to graduate through a supervised, graduating scale of increasing power and performance. As a thoughtful touch, owners will be invited to Gaydon to specify their Vulcan and be measured for their race suit.

back of aston martin vulcan


7 Litres

Top Speed

200 MPH

0-60 MPH

3 Seconds

  • Suspension is by pushrods with anti-dive geometry
  • Carbon ceramic racing disc brakes
  • Brembo racing callipers
  • Power levels, traction control and brake balance are all adjustable from the cockpit.
  • Front Head Restrain system
  • Length 4,807 mm (189 in)
  • Height 1,235 mm (49 in)
  • Width 2,063 mm (81 in)
  • Unladen weight (DIN) 1,350
  • Engine / cylinders / valves 32-Valve V8
  • Fuel management Direct injection
  • Max torque @ engine speed 204
  • Power output @ engine speed 831
  • Top speed 200
  • Acceleration 0-60 3
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For well over 100 years, Aston Martin has developed British sports cars so elegant and so wonderful to drive that they’ve transcended the world of motoring to become verified cultural icons. For many, an Aston Martin is the sports car of their dreams, designed today as they always were; with innovation, luxury, style and ability at the core. From our two showrooms in Reading and Cheltenham, we share in our customers’ passion for the brand, not only helping them to buy Aston Martins, but ensuring they can enjoy them with like-minded owners for years to come.