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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe


Aston Martin V8 Vantage Coupe
front of aston martin v8 vantage coupe


Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage Coupé is a drivers’ car that offers a blend of performance and understated style. At 4385mm (172.5”) long and weighing 1630kg, the V8 Vantage is one of the manufacturer’s smaller vehicles – but the strength of its delicately balanced frame gives it the poise needed to handle the power of the 4.7 litre V8 engine.

The lithe exterior styling of the V8 Vantage Coupé is accompanied by a surprising degree of comfort and practicality on the inside. Despite the car’s modest size, a 300-litre boot (with a foldaway parcel shelf) gives significantly more luggage space than most other performance cars. Occupants also enjoy a substantial amount of leg and knee room.


The V8 Vantage has a front-mounted 4.7-litre engine; as it happens, 4.7 is also the exact number of seconds it takes to reach 60mph from a standing start. The V8 provides maximum torque of 470Nm at 5000rpm; however, the rear mid-mounted manual transmission (a Sportshift automated-manual transmission is also available) supplies an appropriate level of thrust at all speeds. Putting the car into “Sport” mode provides even more front-wheel grip and rear-wheel traction.

An interior tailored to your personal requirements is as important a part of the Vantage experience as its engine and the exterior styling. Full-grain, electrically adjustable leather seats, a range of in-car entertainment systems and convenience features such as folding heated side mirrors come as standard; but the cabin of each Vantage is hand-crafted and can be customised in any way you wish.

front of aston martin v8 vantage coupe


4.7 Litres

Top Speed

180 MPH

0-60 MPH

4.7 Seconds

  • Full-grain, electrically adjustable leather seats
  • A range of in-car entertainment systems
  • Folding heated side mirrors
  • AMi II Infotainment system
  • Stylish one-piece console
  • Sportshift automated-manual transmission
  • Vehicle length 4382 mm / 172.5 in
  • Vehicle width 2022 mm / 79.6 in
  • Vehicle height (unladen) 1260 mm / 49.6 in
  • Wheelbase 2601 mm / 102.4 in
  • Unladen weight (DIN) 1630 kg / 3595 lb
  • Engine / cylinders / valves V / 8 / 32
  • Fuel management Direct injection
  • Max torque @ engine speed 470 Nm / 346 lb ft @ 5000 rpm
  • Power output @ engine speed 420 bhp / 426 PS (DIN) / 313 kW @ 7300 rpm
  • Top speed 180 mph / 290 km/h (governed)
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.7 sec
  • Combined consumption / range 1 20.5 mpg (Imp.)
  • CO2 emissions (combined) 321 g/km
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For well over 100 years, Aston Martin has developed British sports cars so elegant and so wonderful to drive that they’ve transcended the world of motoring to become verified cultural icons. For many, an Aston Martin is the sports car of their dreams, designed today as they always were; with innovation, luxury, style and ability at the core. From our two showrooms in Reading and Cheltenham, we share in our customers’ passion for the brand, not only helping them to buy Aston Martins, but ensuring they can enjoy them with like-minded owners for years to come.