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Alcantara Steering Wheel

Alcantara steering wheel

Replace your steering wheel with the tactile, race-specification black Alcantara®. Provides enhanced grip and is available in three switch configurations: Bluetooth®, Cruise or Bluetooth® & Cruise.*not suitable for V12 Vantage S

Part Number      8G33-25-10510

Description         STRG WHL-TRMD ALCANT


From £1028.00 inc VAT

AMR Performance Clutch

AMR Performance Clutch

The AMR Performance Clutch has been designed to enhance the performance feel of V8 manual models. Enhancing the sporting feel, the AMR Performance Clutch comprises an Aston Martin Racing, GT4 derived, lightweight flywheel and twin plate clutch. The result is a lighter and superior clutch response. Available for all Vantage V8 manual model derivatives up to 14MY

Part Number      6G33-11-10821 

Description         PWR UPGRDE & EXH KIT

From £3840.00 inc VAT

Clear Rear Lamp Kit

Clear Rear Lamp KIT

Give your V8 Vantage or DB9 a clean monochrome aesthetic by exchanging your red rear lamps for the crisp, modern look of clear lamps.

V8 Vantage;

Part Number                      8G33-37-10499

Description                         CLR LMP KIT-V8 VTGE


From £1321.00 inc VAT

Clear Rear Lamp Kit

Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps

Showcase the technical nature of this precision hand laid carbon fibre through the sculptural forms of our mirror caps. 10MY on, DB9, V8 and V12

Part Number      CD33-37-10114

Description         MIRROR CAP KIT-C/FBR







From £1537.00 inc VAT

Indoor Car Cover DB11

Indoor Car Cover DB11

DB11 is a thing of beauty. So help keep your car in flawless showroom condition with one of our DB11 Indoor Car Covers. Each cover is a fully tailored and made in a soft mix with a protective fleece lining. The yarn has been dyed to prevent fading and the breathable material allows moisture to evaporate. Supplied with a storage bag and available in a range of fabric and trim options.

Part Number      707017

Description         C/COVER-BLACK-DB11





From £444.00 inc VAT

AMR V12 Vantage S Performance Pack

AMR V12 Vantage S performance Pack

The power upgrade is standard for all V12 Vantage AMR cars (Power increase is market specific)

To unlock the power potential for previous V12 Vantage S Models, the AMR Performance Pack is available to order for both ASM and *Manual derivatives. This all new ‘race inspired’ Performance pack offers a GT12 inspired performance upgrade with an increase of up to 30bhp. The full pack also benefits from a total of 16kg weight saving which combines to offer truly exceptional performance feel. The Performance Pack offers a great opportunity to upsell to existing V12 Vantage S customers who are looking for ways to update their current vehicle.

Part Number                      GD23-08-10176

Description                         PWR UPGRDE & EXH KIT


From £16,254.00 inc VAT


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