Windscreen Repair

Windscreen Repair

Your windscreen is vital to your cars safety. Windscreen checks should also be carried out on a regular basis. H.R. Owen Lamborghini Service can arrange for any windscreen chips and cracks to be repaired, or for a replacement windscreen to be fitted if repair is not possible.

Windscreen Repairs or Windscreen Replacement?

We will always try to repair your windscreen before replacing it with a new one, saving you both time and money.

Sometimes though, the type, size and position of the damage will mean that the whole windscreen needs to be replaced. We will not be able to repair you windscreen if:

  • The size of the chip is bigger than a £2 coin
  • The chip must be located more than 5cm from the edge of windscreen
  • The chip is directly in the drivers line of sight, the chip must be no more than 10mm wide

Why should I get my windscreen chip repaired?

  • Any chip left untreated may at end time spread quickly resulting in a crack to the windscreen. If this happens when  you are driving, this could seriously affect your safety. You will then need to have your windscreen replaced,  a much more costly option.
  • Windscreen chips or cracks can cause your vehicle to fail its MOT
  • Windscreen repair can save you money. Some insurance companies charge an excess for windscreen  replacement.
  • Windscreen damage can reduce the effectiveness of airbags.

Can side and rear windows be repaired?

Unlike windscreens, if a side or rear window has been damaged it will most likely require replacing

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Windscreen Repair